Kid Mayor

This year to help get kids more involved in the political process and its importance, Strong Start for Children will be hosting a Kid Mayor election during the Step up for Kids event! Kid Mayor will give children the chance to learn about basic political and campaigning skills in a fun and engaging way while allowing them to interact with their community.

We will be accepting application for both Clark County and Washoe County. Applications for both counties are due on June 15th, 2018. There will be separate elections for each county at their respective Step Up for Kids event. Please see the documents below for more information or contact us by emailing or calling 702.228.1869.


Words of Wisdom for the 2017-2018 Kid Mayors

Clark County Kid Mayor 2017-2018

“I loved being invited to festivals, meeting Carolyn Goodman, and being a positive role model for all of the children in Clark County.”

clark KM project

Washoe County Kid Mayor 2017-2018

" Being Kid Mayor taught me that everyone can come together to make something giant happen. It also taught me a lot about the people that help make my community so great!"

washoe KM project

Kid Mayor 2018-2019 Documents

Application-Clark County
Parent Letter-Clark County
Spanish Application-Clark County
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Spanish Parent Letter-Clark County
Próximamente disponibles en español
Application-Washoe County
Parent Letter-Washoe County
Spanish Application-Washoe County
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Spanish Parent Letter-Washoe County
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