Tips to make Bedtime Smoother

Sleep is very important for young children. Getting enough sleep helps your child grow and stay healthy. When children do not get enough sleep, they are more likely to be irritable, have a hard time paying attention in school and to get sick. It is encourage that children get 10-12 hours a sleep per night. Here are some tips to help make bedtime less stressful.

  • Set a regular bedtime for the week.
  • Have a night time routine that you follow every day. (Ex: Bath time, brush teeth, read a book and get a goodnight kiss).
  • Set a “no electronics” rule at least 30 minutes before bed time.
  • Give your child a “bedtime countdown” so they are not surprised when they have to put away their toys and get ready for sleep.
  • Make their bed a cozy and fun place for them.
  • Set a regular wakeup time for the week.