Tips for Brushing Teeth

While children will lose their baby teeth, learning to brush and take care of their teeth is still a very important lesson for them. If children do not take care of their baby teeth, they can get painful infections and bad breath. Also, this is the age when your child is learning the healthy habits to practice when they get older. Here are some tips to help your child learn to take care of their teeth.

  • Show you child how to brush their teeth. Get down on their level and act out for them how we brush top, bottom, front and back.
  • Brush your teeth with them. Not only will this show them how to multiple times so they learn, it will also show them it is something you care about and so they will too.
  • Make it part of your routine and be sure to brush daily.
  • Explain to you child why they brush their teeth. (Ex: so we have beautiful smiles, good breath and no cavities.)
  • Let them pick their own toothbrush and tooth paste so they are more excited about the process.
  • Let them brush their own teeth starting around age 2.
  • Children should brush for 2 minutes. Help your child brush the right amount of time by setting a timer or singing their favorite song while they brush.
  • Always compliment them when they are finished brushing so they will be encouraged to brush their teeth again and again.