Tell YOUR Story

Tell YOUR Story – Strong Start/ Comienzo Fuerte


Each one of us has an Early Childhood Education Story. Your voice makes a difference.

No matter what you write, your story is important to us!

Now is the time to tell YOUR Story

Don't know what to write check out the writing prompts below!

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  • What changes in your child have you seen since they first began attending?
  • Where did you send your child?
  • What did you like about the program?
  • What did you dislike about the program?
  • How did the cost of early childhood education affect you financially?
  • Why is early childhood education important to you?


  • Why is early childhood education important to you or your business?
  • What changes have you seen in your employees that have access to quality early education for their children.  Are they happier? More productive? Have less absences?
  • How does your business currently support early childhood education?


  • Have you seen children and families benefit from early education programs.
  • Have you noticed the difference in children who have attended an early childhood education program vs. one who hasn't.
  • Have you seen parents become more interested in their child's learning with your help and support?
  • Are there families that had to remove their child because of the financial burden?
  • Why is early childhood education important to you?


  • Why is early childhood education important to you?
  • What fact motivated you to tell your story?
  • Why should Nevada make an investment in early childhood education?