Strong Start Ambassador

What is this program?

Strong Start for Children is a community outreach campaign aimed at mobilizing parents, educators, community, and business leaders in making early childhood education a priority in the State of Nevada. We are looking for parents like YOU who believe in the values of high quality early childhood education for ALL children and want to help make a difference in Nevada. By becoming a Strong Start Ambassador, you will be given the skills and tools to speak up for early childhood education and make a change in Nevada. Strong Start Ambassadors will learn how to share their early learning stories, how to create a bill, how to testify in front of the legislature, how to use social media for social good, and many more skills for creating real change. Selected participants will receive a small stipend from Strong Start for Children. Stipend rewards include a $50 gift card for each training completed throughout the program.

Why Be an Ambassadors for Early Learning?

Early childhood experiences, good or bad, lay the foundation for later success. Young children who are exposed to high quality early learning – at home or in the classroom – have a much greater chance at success in adulthood. Unfortunately, in Nevada very few children have access to the high-quality early learning opportunities they deserve. Strong Start has been working to increase access to high-quality early learning programs. By adding the voices of Nevada parents to the conversation, we feel confident we can continue to help expand access to preschool programs and other necessary services for children 0-8.