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JANUARY 2017- Create Change & Advocate!

Coming soon...


DECEMBER 2016- The Season of Traditions

Whether you're celebrating the old or creating the new, your child will treasure the time spent and the traditions shared. Read this newsletter to learn tips and tricks for introducing traditions to your child. Click here to view...


NOVEMBER 2016- Giving Back to the Community!

November is a great month to look around your world and be thankful for the family, friends and community you have. It's also important for children to learn early on what they can do to give back to those they love and those who need it most. Click here to view...


OCTOBER 2016- Trick or Treat! Halloween Safety!

Learn about activities, healthy food ideas, and how to stay safe while trick or treating! Click here to view...



MAY 2016- Strong Start is Buzzing this Month

Help teach your child all about insects! Your child is fascinated with the world around them and that includes bugs. Use this fascination to help them learn about these creepy crawlers while also learning some academic skills! Click here to view...


APRIL 2016- Strong Start is Going Blue to Support Prevent Child Abuse

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time to remember that we can each play a part in promoting the social and emotional well-being of children and families in our community. Click here to view...



 MARCH 2016- Trains, Planes and automobiles!

 March's Strong Start newsletter will take your child's love for trains, planes and automobiles and use it to help them learn, math, reading, writing and social-emotional skills. Click here to view...


FEBRUARY 2016- Mail

This month's Strong Start activities will focus on mail. Read this newsletter for ways to introduce the postal system to your child! Click here to view