Is Your Business an Early Learning Champion?

The Strong Start for Children’s Campaign has a Recognition Program for Businesses that are Early Learning Champions in Nevada.  This Recognition Program is designed to recognize businesses that have policies, practices and/or infrastructures that support their employees with children ages 0-8 or that help the Nevada early learning community. Let us know about your successes by applying for the Early Learning Champion Recognition award

Benefits of Early Learning Champion Recognition Program

1. Have business name and logo highlighted on the Strong Start for Children’s website
2. Recognized as an Early Learning Champion on all Strong Start social media channels.
3. Receive an Early Learning Champion Award to display at your business.
4. Chance to be featured in a Strong Start ad in local Nevada business magazines.

Actions Your Business Can Take to Be an Early Learning Champion

1. Display a Strong Start for Children poster in the employee break room and/or hand out brochures on the importance of early learning.
2.Adopt family-friendly Workplace policies such as flex-time, maternity/paternity leave, on-site child care, child care payment assistance, family oriented work environments, etc.
3. Support a local early learning program
4. Join ReadyNation
5. Publicly endorse early learning policies as part of the economic development agenda

Click here for additional examples of ways you can be an Early Learning Champion!

What is the process for becoming an Early Learning Champion?

1. The first step to becoming an early learning champion is to fill out the short application below. Please be sure to include your business name, business license number, a contact person and a brief description of the actions you have taken to help your employees with children ages 0-8 or the Nevada early learning community.
2. Upon receiving your application, Strong Start for Children will be in contact via email or phone to update you on the timeline to review your business.
3. The Strong Start Advisory Council will meet to review your application and determine if you have taken the appropriate steps to become an Early Learning Champion. If necessary, a Strong Start Team Member may reach out to your contact person to obtain additional information or documentation on the action(s) your business has taken to support early learning.
4. Once your application has been reviewed, Strong Start for Children will provide information on your Early Learning Champion status.

Early Learning Champion Application

Your Name

Your Title


Street Address

City, State, ZIP

Phone Number

Your Email

Business/Organization Twitter Handle, if applicable. Ex. @JohnSmith

Brief Description of Your Early Learning Champion Action(s)