Why High Quality Early Learning?


The future of Nevada's workforce will require greater education to provide technical skills and innovative problem solvers. We understand that Nevada's long-term economic strength and fiscal sustainability depend on the capabilities of its workforce. Businesses need employees who are job-ready, team-capable and well prepared. Currently Nevada's children are falling behind.

Short-term Benefits

In Nevada, 63.6% of families with children under the age of six have all available parents in the workforce. For these parents, the ability to send their children to a high quality early learning program is invaluable and offers them peace of mind while at work. Having access to stable and reliable high quality child care increases employee:

  • Attendance
  • Morale
  • Productivity

Businesses that support their employees’ access to high quality early learning programs show that they genuinely care for their well-being. This is particularly important as a number of parents are choosing to stay home with their young children because they cannot afford high quality early childhood education programs; and often mistakenly believe their employer would not be a good resource for quality programs. The annual cost of child care in Nevada’s licensed centers ranks 4th most expensive in the nation for 4-year-old care ($8,086) and 8th most expensive for infant care ($9,852). Research has shown that businesses that assist employees with locating and affording child care can see an increase in employee:

  • Retention and Recruitment
  • Loyalty

Long-term Benefits

Today more than ever, businesses need employees who are well prepared to succeed in the labor market. Nevada’s current workforce pipeline is not sufficient—not for businesses that need well-prepared employees, not for young people who need good jobs, and not for the state that needs a growing economy.[1] Without a concerted action to prepare more Nevadans for jobs in STEM-intensive fields, skills shortages could limit growth in the state’s most promising target industries and Nevadans could miss out on employment that offers superior paths to opportunity and advancement.[2]

An investment in high quality early learning programs is the first step a business community can take to develop Nevada’s future workforce. Participation in high-quality early childhood education is shown to increase:

  • High School Graduation
  • College Attendance
  • STEM knowledge
  • Lifetime wages and tax revenue

While also decreasing:

  • Instances of violent crimes
  • Teen Pregnancy

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[2] Copied from http://www.brookings.edu/~/media/Research/Files/Reports/2014/11/nevada-stem/BMPP_NevadaSTEM_full-report-web-final.pdf?la=en